Saturday, 30 May 2015


The main hand is my hand. The other 2 hands are major support systems in my life. First supporting hand is of my favorite person and the second supporting hand is of ART.  These 2 hands primarily symbolise air and heart beat. First hand is held tight because I don't want to lose my favorite person. She has become the integral oxygen required for survival. The second supporting hand is tangled between figures because it's something which is in me. It lies within. Like my heartbeats. I don't tell my heart how to beat it beats automatically similar is the case with art, I don't choose it. It chooses me.
Initially I thought I am holding the 2 hands.
It's later that I realised that those 2 hands are holding my and the case is the other way round.
Invert the picture you'll see that the 2 hands are pulling/ holding the main hand firm and tight. It's their support which helps the main hand stay strong and firm! :)

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