Sunday, 17 May 2015

Being you: A crime?

Don't cry like girls, don't wear's a very girly colour, c'mon! Don't be so concerned like women and what not.
Now, if you carefully see the moment you were born you CRIED. Don't fool yourselves, there were times when you liked a PINK shirt more than that blue, yellow shirt but didn't choose it because it's a girls colour. There were times when you wanted to stay back home just to chill with your family but didn't do so because 'Pagal hai kya ghar pe baitha hai ladki ki tarah'.
And these are just a few examples which I have encountered a zillion times. I'm sure there are 100 more things which are looked down upon not because they are wrong. they are looked Down upon because they are what GIRLS do.
When things like these prevail don't even expect people to SPELL LOGIC & EQUALITY correctly, implementation of the same sounds utopian to me.

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