Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Yet another ban! :(

A painting which shows Lord Krishna, Radha and Meera is BANNED just because an artist depicts a certain kind of relationship between the trio. The painting which is titled 'Radha Meera ki doli hai' was termed UNETHICAL because of the name and ILLEGITIMATE as it shows a romantic relationship between Radha Krishna and Meera.
If one believes history then you probably know Radha was Krishna's lover and Meera was a bhakt who idolised Krishna as her beloved. Krishna equally loved Radha and Meera .
I never thought we would reach a level where paintings would be made on the basis of SANSKAAR. Moreover, it's the artist's imagination of The Lord and I don't think there can be a flaw in one's imagination
Are the authorities scared of riots.?
Or are we going to witness something similar to M F Hussain's case
Or is the world scared of a painter's imagination?
Whatever, the reason maybe I don't get the logic of banning it!!!!!
If possible please spread the word.

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