Tuesday, 5 May 2015

i miss you grandpa!

I know you didn’t want to leave us, I know you wanted to see me shine, I know you wanted me to be happy for being me and I know you still want all of that. Its just that I am still working for all of them but there is no you to see, guide and check whether it is right or wrong.
I try not to miss you, but I end up missing you every damn day. I try to convince myself that death is a part of the life circle and I should accept it whether I like it or not but my heart refuses to believe that. It still lauds and craves for your affection, it still wants to play with you, it still wants to laugh with you, it still wants to study with you, it still wants to click your weirdest pictures, In short all it wants is YOU and you already know our mind is our heart’s slave. Therefore, all I can think of and about is YOU.
I still try not to cry, so that I remain a strong girl. I still try to spread smiles, so that this world is a happy place, I still try and study, so that I can become knowledgeable, I still try to eat green vegetables, so that my eye sight improves, I still try to sleep for eight hours, so that I remain healthy and I still try to implement all that you taught me, so that I can become a compassionate human being.
But, I still can’t stop missing you.
You are mine and will remain mine till my last breath
I love you! <3
I miss you like crazy 

I know you are watching me 

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