Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Structure's Story! :)

In a land far far away.....where IMAGINATION prevailed and smile resided....a small paint brush smiled and winked its left eye. It waited for a structure to lift it and dip it into colours. Colours of love, affection and passion.  These magical colours had magical powers as they had the magical ability to paint life on canvas. These colours were structure's best friend, they stayed with its dream and fantasy land. That structure used to meet its friends daily because they used to stay with it during its thick and thin. It trusted them more than anything in this world.
After sometime came a magical person in structure's life, she told structure that she loved structure the way it was. Structure started feeling loved now. Structure showed her whatever it painted and she loved them. Structure gifted her some creations too, Soon she became the most integral part of structure's life. It was after the magical person's entry that structure realised that life was not painted on canvas, it was canvas and the magical colours that painted life!
And the Magical person became the essential glitter in Life :)

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