Monday, 25 May 2015

An interpretation!

This sketch is my interpretation of my favorite person's soul. The way I think and feel she is. The head is made of flowers and leaves because she loves nature, flowers and leaves. I think she'd be glad if one recognizes her as natures child.
The reason why I made a petal around her eye is because I feel she wants to see a world which is filled with happiness and love. A place where there is a constant fragrance of sweetness and humanity. Just like the petal of a flower is. It's colourful and has a pleasant fragrance.
If you carefully notice there is a dog's paw and a eye on the neck. That's her puppy's paw and eye. Her puppy was like her baby and she loved him a lot. This puppy was one of the major reasons for her happiness and a very prominent reason behind her smile.
The bird on her cheek symbolises her students. Who come to her. She teaches them the ability to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. She teaches them how to fly and explore the world. She puts in her heart and soul in teaching her children how to analyse things clearly. She doesn't teach what is right or wrong she just helps you in enhancing your ability to distinguish between the right and the wrong. Yes! I know she considers her students as her own children she loves them selflessly. She loves me too. Even after all the flaws I have she still loves me. But in the end she knows these birds will fly away from her which basically means her students will go away from her one day.
The tiny tinch of tear in her eye is of pain of separation and pride. It hurts her when her students go away from her but she is happy and proud of the fact that her children are now ready to face the world.
Her mouth is partly open to say goodbye but she isn't able to say bye-bye because she knows that her children will come back to her. Because they are her kids. They belong to her. She has a right on them. She knows she can and she will correct them whenever they deviate from their paths.
I don't know whether she knows that she means more than the world to her children/students, but her students surely know that they can't do without her.

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