Saturday, 16 May 2015

toilet vs tree!

Being literate is like being toilet trained. In the end you just know how to use the toilet and the flush, similarly you just end up learning how to scribble in a sensible manner and utter words which can help you earn money.
Whereas, being educated is like being a tree. The way tree bows when it starts bearing fruits, you tend to become humble and compassionate as you get educated.
But unfortunately we live in a country where EDUCATION IS THE MOST PROFITABLE INDUSTRY. Since, its an industry it believes in making people toilet trained so that they dont piss in their pants and cause embarrasment to the society and also so that people buy fancy toilets.
Planting a tree certainly does no good to the MONEY greedy EDUCATION INDUSTRY but in the longer run it is bound to make the world a livable place!

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