Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Exploitation at it's best! :(

After waiting for 3 hours even after an appointment, a NGO which primarily focuses on human rights doesn't consider a case only because the area is under the red alert region.
A factory in this area pays its workers pays Rs.30/tile. These workers are basically artists who beautifully paint tiles. They work in open fields in the most inhuman conditions. There are no washrooms, no water facility and the worst part is children between the age of 5-16 do the most dangerous job I.e tile cutting. They don't fine cut the tiles and therefore aren't given any masks or protection equipment. As a result these children lose their eye sight or become partially blind as fine particals of dusty glass goes inside their eyes. 
Each tile that a worker/artist paints takes approximately 4-5 hours. This basically means a person cannot paint more than 2 tiles at any cost which implies he/she won't be able to earn more than Rs.60/day.
According to the daily wage law a minimum wage of Rs120/day has to be paid under any circumstance.
This esteem NGO refuses to consider this case as a violation of human rights. According to them this how things work in this region.
Well....all I'd say is its good to appreciate art but until and unless one learns to value art. Each and every artist will be terribly exploited and this will obviously endanger various art forms that exist.

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