Monday, 20 June 2016

An endless end!

The end is never easy
It never has been
It never will be,
Do we really seek
The end
or is it just
A craving to 
End the pain 
And the restlessness 
That comes along? 

You can't put 
A full stop 
Before you've 
Completed a wordy sentence 
You can't kiss death
Until and unless 
You've lived life 
With its ugly 
And pretty side.

I know this 
Meeting ends 
And deadlines 
Business is 
Very suffocating 
Extremely tiring 
This is the reason 
Why we know
What freedom is like,
That thing which 
Seems unattainable 
Becomes the goal 
And ultimately 
It blesses you too.

After every full stop 
Shakes hands with the 
Last word 
A new line
A new beginning 
Embraces the world 
It's after death 
A man becomes free
From the world 
While, another says hello
To the world.

Old world 
New people 
Ends and beginnings
Life and death 
All coming to a full circle.

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