Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Out of love - 54!

If you are not lost, there is no way in which you can find yourself.
All I can do tonight is wait and hope for the morning to be bright.
I am keeper first and a lover next. A keeper of your smiles and the lover of your eyes.
You won't let me live,
You won't let me die either
The least you can do is
Stop contaminating my breath
One day time will lose and I will laugh as never before. Yes, one day, very soon.
The rain drops heal my bruises, but after its done the silence scratches them all over again. Temporary healers, constant wounds.
I wonder how people find jokes when life itself is one
If I don't get any
Which I'm almost sure
I won't get
I'll just do the damn
Thing myself
Unless I forget..
In this quest to love you with all of me did I forget to accept and smile because of myself?
Every moment that we have lived, together
Every memory which we have created, together
Is a beautiful treasure
Yet, I regret creating it.

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