Thursday, 2 June 2016

You know what!

You know what
I need you
Much more
Than I love you.

You are my
Go to
And you know that
More than I do .

It's your fault
That I got used to you
It was my luck
That I stumbled upon you.

Friends, they say
Best friends, they know
But, we are more than those
And that we know.

I am a sinful mess
But you dealt with it
Without a single minute
Of rest.

I am a sinner
You know
But you loved me
The way I was.

I have a million flaws
I gave you a gazillion reasons
To leave
But, you still didn't fly away.

We flew together
Fell together
Laughed together
And sighed together.

This together
Is my strength
And my weakness too
For losing you
Would kill me
Before death
Would ever do.

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