Thursday, 16 June 2016


The world is huge
Really really huge
And all of us here
Are mere puppets
Yet, we think
We can change
Change the world
The universe
The system
The cycle
The creation.

Don't worry
That change which
You crave for
May or may not happen
But, change will occur
Very smoothly and naturally.

No! Don't give up
Your fight to bring
About a difference
Don't fear
The cyclones
The tsunamis
They are a part of
Your fight
Are essential for
Change's flight.

Don't worry if you
Can't help millions
Help one
And be an inspiration
To gazillions.

You may not help all
You can't
It's not humanly possible
But that doesn't mean
You stop your struggle.

Struggle, fight, rebel
Scream instead of murmering
Scream with all your might
And say
Goodbye to the plight
Step by step
You and change will
Hold hands
And together will
Make existence
More beautiful
More soulful
Less stressful.

Be restless
And breathless
Don't forget to
Pause when required
And stop when desired
You are what you
Want to be
Not what you
Merely dream to be.

You are
You can
And that's
All that can
Bring, accept and evolve
The change.

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