Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Out of love - 56!

Unchanneled energies and memories of the beloved, yet they thought why she was restless all the time.
They are not interested in your story. But, if you tell them your story which sounds like theirs they will be all ears, always.
Healing is not necessary, moving on is.
If everyone gets busy in printing notes then who will create them, memories?
You make promises and I keep them not because you can't but because I know you won't. I'm not important to you and you are what importance means to me.
Long conversations
Sensless discussions
May or may not
Lead to some place
They make us smile.
And you and I
Just do fine
With them.
In the end all that we are trying to do is either make an impact or leave an impression. Everything zeroes down to this.
That thing which makes me restless and breathless, together makes me fall harder for them. Them, dreams
"Don't celebrate me, I'm not your emotion.
Don't mourn because of me, I'm immortal
I will remain what I am, nasty and beautiful
I am flow and flight"
Said the spirit of art to the mind.
When the light burns my eyes and happiness seems out of sight, it is you whose arms provide me shade and delight

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