Thursday, 23 June 2016

How would you know?

You know what
No! Wait,
You don't know.

How would you
Know something
I am going thru?

No matter how
Many times you
Had promised me
A sinful forever .

Then who keeps promises
In an era of documents
And revenges.

How would you know
How much it takes in me
To stay away from you .

How would you know
How many times
My heart has bled
Just because of you.

How would you know
The nights that I have
Spent regretting
My existence
Just because
I gave you
All of me.

How would you know
That I die everyday
Bit by bit
Just because my life
Meant you
My heartbeat was your smile
My healer were your eyes
And my oxygen
Was your presence.

Forget it,
Oh wait!
You have already
Forgotten it,
I am the foolish one here
You see.

I am the one who
Is still hanging on
And maybe secretly hoping
That you will come to me
Someday if not today.

Alas! Now I feel
Hope will also ditch me
One day like you
Ditched me on
Some goddamn day.

Stay happy
Keep smiling
I will also
Hopefully learn
How to come over
This regular
Dying .

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