Monday, 27 June 2016


You think I'm desperate
And, I know I am
I am, because
I have always wanted
You to define my forever.

Yes! You,
And, trust me
I'm much more desperate
Than what I sound usually.

You know there's
This strange thing
That I have,
Very strange thing.

The thing is
I know I am
You know that too.

Yet, I pretend
Not to be one
Despite of knowing
That you and I
Both know
That how desperate I am.

I have always
Thought of figuring this out
But, I didn't
Because, I couldn't
And, even if I did
You wouldn't believe me,
Would you?

I equate you
With forevers
And worlds
And universes.

But, not so luckily
You equate me
With something
Which is worse
Than nothing.

I desperately
Want, need and desire
To hate you
But, always end up
Loving you.

You know why?
Because, I'm desperate
Very desperate
To keep, you!

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