Friday, 26 June 2015

Note to pseudo beloveds!

Since my second year results are out my over enthusiastic beloveds, well wishers, enimies etc have taken out time from their busy schedules to enquire how my result was. A couple of them love me to such an extent that they managed to screenshot my result and send it to me. I would sincerely like to appreciate their effort. They took the pain to get my examination roll number then used the battery of their cell phones or laptops to log in to the website finally type the required details then see my result and probably do some mental calculation of my percentage followed by a couple of comparisons with some fellow human units or animals and then finally take the pain to send me my result. A heart felt thank you to you people for checking my result before I knew it was out.
You may or may not have checked it for massaging your ego, comparing it with fellow beings, to tell me how bad I was academically or probably for some other reason which I dont know. I am glad that I have so many people in life who are interested in knowing how do I perform academically and it gives me immense pleasure in acknowledging the fact that you are interested in my marksheet more than me.
Also, I am a bit astonished as i have recieved messages from people who barely talk to me, to people who have hated me and probably wouldnt even turn up on my funeral to ask how my score was. Was it bad or very bad and similar firing of questions is still in progress.
All i would say is I might have scored something known as a BELOW AVERAGE SCORE but i am extremly happy to learn that i atleast have average DOG LIKE LOVE LEFT IN ME EXCLUSIVELY FOR PEOPLE WHO I CARE FOR, which in my opinion is something to be happy about. i atleast ask people how they are before shooting questions like how was your result?, why didnt you score X percentage ? and the list of such questions is inexhaustable.
I wouldnt say marks dont matter to me because i know they do matter to me more than a lot and probably that is one of the reasons why i get pissed off when people ask me my score when i havent scored well.
Yes! marks matter to me but i am quite sure they dont define me!

Thank You!

With huge hugs and lots of love,

P.s.: People wishing to check my result my examination roll number is: 4121450036. Please go ahead and check my score card if you wish to!

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