Saturday, 13 June 2015

Out of Love: 04!

Everyone doesn't have the audacity to dream and the ones who have they have the courage to fulfil their dreams!
It's not the goodbye which hurts, it's usually the flashback that follows!
Sometimes it's just good to lose control and live. Live LIFE!
If an attachment with a living being is able to induce the right amount of motivation and pressure in you, then probably attachments aren't bad.
There really is no right and wrong, question or answer in art. ART is all about manipulation of colours, words, expressions and emotions.
It's always about associating with the masses and compromising with classes!
Myth Making: A talent itself.
Every poem or story has it's own soul!
You aren't really passionate about something until and unless you live it!
Dasvidaniya! Ze tension says to ze soul!

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