Monday, 8 June 2015

Medical industry needs medication!

Seeing the ashes of your passion and your loved ones is not a very nice feeling. It hurts, leaves a nasty scar and most importantly with those ashes a part of you is also burnt....a burn which cannot be healed. The scary part of this feeling is that you start imagining things which you know will never be true. Feeling your Grandpa's hand despite of knowing the fact that he is not there is one of the most scary yet a very calm and peaceful feeling. Science of course considers this as a symptom of hallucination, high stress levels and one million other lenghty diseases. It's their job to make money from our pain you see. And this is a very strong symptom of a disease called CAPITALISIM which the medical industry is suffering from and they unfortunately consider us sick. I felt a hand on my head and I know i felt it how can someone deny that? I know it was grandfather's hand, I JUST KNOW that. I am not bound or obliged to give everyone logics about what I feel. 
I never knew a piece of wood with  thin slice of lead had the ability to sketch my favourite person's potrait. This is something i didn't know came to know about it after spending good 18 years of my life. I have been using that commodity since the age of 3. All i knew about that product then was that it is something used  to complete homeworks. I hated its presence. The world calls it a pencil. I used to consider it my enemy back then,  but now i consider it as my companion for life. Perceptions change. But emotions and feelings dont. They remain  the same. 
They say my DADU is no more, i know he is there with me. I know he is smiling at me,  even if you call this being MAD. He is still there its just that you cant see him, BUT I CAN STRONGLY FEEL HIM AROUND ME and i know my feelings are honest and true unlike this dishonest and double faced world.  I look at the moon when i crave to see him. He was unique, very generous and an abnormally selfless soul like the moon which shines when everything is dark and haunted. Now if one could please tell me how is this comparison illogical? Its my view about it you are free to disagree but you are not allowed to disregard it. 
As my favourite person puts it " You are not supposed to do anything. You were not here in life with a time table. Do what you FEEL like" I think i will stick to this quote. And i think i will start listening to the slimy reddish grey fist size thing in my body which beats in a very rythmic pattern. 

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