Monday, 29 June 2015

Celebrate Pride!

To those who have problems with the rainbow coloured profile pictures on facebook.
Remember you people posted your pictures with your dad wishing him "Father's day" without even knowing the logic and reason behind it's celebration. If you can celebrate illogical days without any good reason. What is the problem in celebrating a day which has created history? What is the problem in celebrating loves victory?
Also, those saying "yeh sab India mai nahi hoga", "Apni marzi se shaadi karke dikhao" etc. Do you people remember that you protested against the dog killing festival in China? We don't celebrate this festival in India but still we were concerned about dogs. Right?
Similarly, I am happy with USA's decision on Queer. And therefore I choose to celebrate.
I wish to celebrate it by changing my profile picture. You gotta problem with that???

Those who wish to change there Dp go ahead, don't let these pseudo empaths stop you from celebrating!
Also, the link itself says 'Celebrate Pride' so you know the reason behind changing your Dp.
Celebrate love fellow beings, for a change.

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