Friday, 12 June 2015

Out of love!

At times you just need to shut your eyes to look into the world within you....the world which is made by you for you....the world which is yours and has its own aura........just close your eyes and let your heart do the rest..
The point is you will never understand my point until and unless you have the patience and ability to listen to my point.
I pursue art to express not to impress.
In case you have the time and ability to differentiate between the 2.
Every soul is a beautiful artist and every being's life is an artistic masterpiece.
There are no corners to hide in. This planet is unfortunately spherical.
Dreams are beyond articulation ability....if you can articulate it then it's probably a work plan.
this world is a blank canvas and your mind is the paint brush.....Now it's upto you how you wish to paint the canvas.
You need to have time to give time it's due time!
Time and life are inversely proportional. When you have less time just try and live little more.
Being peacefully scared is a state of mind

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