Saturday, 13 June 2015

Out of love: 02!

Your soul deserves love and affection not division
Art does not belong to everyone..Its within every soul. Things which are in you dont belong to you. They are an integral part of your existence.
Half the world is devastated because we have a term like REJECTION!!!
You don't need faith or knowledge to experience. Just simply do it and feel!!!
Fear is nothing but a mere illusion. It's a lie a trick to fool us. That's all fear is about!!!
At times there is so much inside you that you probably don't think there is any medium which can express all of that.
An eye that bleeds is an eye which has the courage to see bloodshed in this world!
Once upon a dream.....I was.....what I ACTUALLY was.....
It's ultimately me who finds myself!!!
When you rise from your own ashes it is one of the most satisfactory feelings,but the time during which you RE-build yourself is very painful

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