Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maggi Ban!

Maggi which has been in india since 1982 is suddenly banned in 2015, because some gentleman after good 33 years realised it is harmful. Well, that is a bit late but nonetheless it's still okay to interrogate about a product whenever you feel like. As a consumer you have the right to know complete details of the product and you obviously you have the right to pressurise the government to get the product tested in the lab in case you feel something is fishy.
Maggi apparently has high amount of LEAD which is not healthy. Btw, did maggi ever claim to be healthy? Did maggi ever force you to eat it? No, right! It was your choice to consume or not to consume. The government has no buisness to ban a product just because it is UNHEALTHY. It is an individual's choice whether to have a healthy lifestyle or an unhealthy lifestyle.
The irony is ciggeratte, pan masala and other CANCER causing products are sold freely while maggi is OFFICIALLY BANNED.

Such irony. Much astonishment!

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