Saturday, 13 June 2015

Out of love: 03!

Only if the world had the ability to handle art and passion together.....
Making memories: A journey itself!
Music is not my life, my life is musical!
If you think carefully you will probably realise that there is a huge difference between LOVING what you do and LIVING what you do.
The universe is not made of atoms, it's made of stories. Stories of souls!
Give it that life, give it that breath, the breath...... that it truly deserves
Only if there was a map to lead life......atleast there would be a destination to look forward too!!!
Patterns, colours, music, smiles, love and a hug from a favourite person are things on which my soul survives!
Only if the world had the ability and the courage to unlearn.....
Delhi is not a place its a road which gives you uncountable memories

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