Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Music Day?

If I may daresay that I have understood music by 0.01% of what it actually is, then I think all I would say is it surely doesn't require a day to celebrate its existence. For me it's been a way of life. I have been associated with it since I was 9 years old and today I am 19 and music or in my case Tabla has been the only constant for a decade. I don't understand how can one celebrate music in a day. Music has been one of the major reasons which has helped me stay peaceful and composed. It's more like the oxygen I breath in. Is it possible to celebrate oxygen's existence in a day? Do you celebrate oxygen? Or you just acknowledge it's existence and somewhere within express your gratitude for it's presence? I very proudly confess that I lack the potential to celebrate MUSIC in A SINGLE DAY. Every breath I take, everytime my heart beats it somehow tends to say "Thank You" to music.
It's because of music that I got recognition, it's music which made me realise the real meaning of peace, I learnt about something called PLEASANT PAIN and the list can go on and on maybe till eternity. I started enjoying the pain in my upper arm after practicing Tabla and that is what I call pleasant pain. I could feel my muscles relax, the flow of my blood felt like a peaceful river and my mind was quite without any tussles in it. This is the impact of music in my life. And I as an individual think that I have only known music by 0.01% of what it is.
10 years of absolute devotion to it and I still haven't understood it by a percent. How do you expect me to celebrate it if I haven't understood it. And I can guarantee you I will never be able to decode what music exactly is.
I haven't loved music, I have lived it every single day of my life.
And I refuse to celebrate my life in a single day.

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